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ROCCAT Gaming Mouse with 3D Printed Buttons Review by 3D Print

Roccat Allows Users to Customize Their Gaming Mouse with 3D Printed Buttons by Brian Krassenstein · August 10, 2014 The market for 3D printing, although growing extremely fast, has a ways to go before it really hits the mainstream. The customization of products, via 3D printing, could play a major role in mainstream adoption, as well as making big bucks for the companies which are creative enough to utilize the technology. Right now we are just beginning to see a […]

ROCCAT at Gamescom 2014 Video

ROCCAT Announces the Modular Nyth Mouse & Skeltr Keyboard

    Roccat has unveiled Nyth, a modular gaming mouse that allows you to 3D print your own buttons and Skeltr, a keyboard that can connect to any Smartphone via the unified Swarm Driver Software. Roccat describes the Nyth as an “MMO mouse that is so much more,” because of its high-versatility brought by custom button placement and interchangeable side-parts. Roccat hasn’t explained this will exactly work, but supposedly you can design and replace certain buttons and side-parts, or use […]

ROCCAT Sova Wireless Modular Gaming Board Announcement on The Guru of 30

    ROCCAT Sova Wireless Modular Gaming Board by Hilbert Hagedoorn It’s been a summer of major announcements for ROCCAT Studios, with a few more yet to come, the most recent being the E3 reveal of the in-development ROCCAT Sova Wireless Modular Gaming Board. The positive fan and media response to the Sova at E3 was massive, with fantastic articles and word of mouth. Building on the wave of enthusiasm for a wireless keyboard/mousepad combo custom made for a living […]

ROCCAT Kone Pure Military Review on Hardware Heaven

  Roccat Kone Pure Military Review When choosing a mouse, everyone has different needs. That might be wired, or wireless… left handed, right handed or both… laser or optical… basic buttons, a million buttons… and so much more. Then of course there is finish, rubber, plastic, metal?.. And then there are specific designs. Today we take a look at Roccats new revision of the Kone Pure mouse. The Military Edition with Camo Charge finish and just to be thorough we are […]

Roccat Kone Pure Military Edition and Sense Mousepad Review on Game Rant

Whether you’re playing DOTA 2, World of Warcraft, or stuck at work making TPS reports; it’s essential to have the right tools for the job. A great mouse won’t make you a great PC gamer, but it can definitely take a good gamer to the next level. The new Roccat Kone Pure Military Edition may not look as complicated as some of the other high-end gaming peripherals on the market, but it packs a lot of power into its familiar […]

Roccat Kone Pure & Sense Mousepad Review on Maximum PC

    Military themed mice are ready for combat Roccat’s latest attempt to appeal to an American audience is to give its Kone Pure mouse and Sense mousepad military themed makeovers. The German manufacturer is offering its Kone Pure Military in three visual styles — Camo Charge, Naval Storm, and Desert Strike. All three sport a 5,000 dpi Pro-Optic (R4) sensor and manually configurable lift control for lag-free, ultra-precise gaming. You’ll also find Roccat’s Easy-Shift[+] technology implemented into its Kone […]

ROCCAT Now Available at EB Games


ROCCAT Tyon Gaming Mouse at Computex 2014 Review on PC Gamer

Roccat reveals the Tyon gaming mouse at Computex 2014 Andy Chalk at 07:38 on 04 June 2014 PC gamers can be pretty picky about their choice of mouse. It is, after all, the most direct method of interfacing with games, which is the whole point of all this. I like to keep it simple, which is why after all these years I still pine for my Logitech MX510; others prefer odd shapes, variable DPI with on-the-fly switching and more buttons […]