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PowerCube Review on Tech Guide

The PowerCube is a reinvention of the traditional power board Written on March 5, 2015 Look under any computer desk or behind a TV and there’s a good chance you’ll find a long powerboard with several connections. Well now that powerboard has been redesigned and reinvented with the PowerCube. The PowerCube – as its name obviously points out – is a cube that has a power socket on four of the sides of the cube. The bottom has a 1.5m […]

B&O Play A2 Bluetooth Speaker Featured in Elle Magazine Australia

B&O Play A2 Featured in the Audi Magazine Australia


B&O Play A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Featured on News Australia

  Five upwardly mobile speakers to ensure the party follows you indoors, outdoors, into the shower February 04, 2015 6:00AM THERE’S only so much fun you can have listening to music from your phone … unless you add a powerful, portable speaker to the mix. Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2 Bang & Olufsen / 4.5/5 / $479 / beoplay.com/a2 It’s hard not to be impressed by the style and quality of this speaker, with its retro look and leather handle. […]

PowerCube Featured in T3 Australia Magazine

PowerCube Review on Techstyles

PowerCube – a current design award winner by Scott Fitzgerald in Gadgets — 26 Feb, 2015 at 12:53 am The Red Dot Design Award is a big deal in the design world, and one of the 2014 award winners, the Allocacoc PowerCube, is now available in Australia. Breaking from the traditional flat-row of power sockets, the PowerCube is presented in the form of, as the product name and pictures above and below indicate, a cube. This allows the PowerCube to stand […]

PowerCube Review on Gadget Guy

Powerboards change shape, size with PowerCube By Leigh D. Stark | 1:19 pm 25/02/2015 Whether you call it a powerstrip, powerboard, or powerbar, there’s a good chance you’ve found the strip of power sockets too long for some locations. But a power cube? That might fix things altogether. Forget about the long flat rectangular strip we’re all using, because the power board is changing shape, with the cube used as the new design for the way to get power to […]

B&O Play H8 Headphone Review on CNET

The BeoPlay H8 headphones have a premium design and the price to match 9 January 2015, 1:29 pm AEDT   LAS VEGAS — Bang & Olufsen has beefed up its headphone offering, with the super-stylish BeoPlay H8 on-ear earphones, built from aluminium, sheepskin and leather. The H8 headphones feature active noise cancelling and Bang & Olufsen claim that the phones are some of the lightest on the market, weighing just 255g (9 ounces) despite the high-end production materials. The headphones […]

Introducing the New Razer Turret Living Room Lapboard

6th January 2015 The key to securing victory every time, is having an arsenal of controls more impressive than your opponents. The Razer Turret puts the power of desktop grade gaming peripherals right in your lap as you play your favorite game titles on the couch. In addition to the undeniable precision achieved by using a keyboard and a mouse, this highly ergonomic lapboard also gives you the power to execute typing commands while you’re gaming or browsing, without having […]

Meet the New Razer Serval Bluetooth Controller

6th January 2015 Control goes beyond pure power, it requires absolute adaptability. Complete with the features of a full-fledged console controller, the Razer Serval elevates your android gaming experience to a whole new level. Designed for the Razer Forge TV, this Bluetooth enabled gaming controller has been built with the same precision and ergonomics as Razer’s award winning console controllers. Together with an adjustable game clip for your mobile phone, the Razer Serval can be used for a multitude of […]