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Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse PC Speakers Review on Gizmodo Australia

Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse PC Speakers: Australian Review If you have a gaming PC or home-office machine that lives on a workdesk or in a study, it makes sense to invest in a good pair of speakers. But on my desk, I also have two smartphones, an iPad, and a constantly revolving suite of wireless devices. It makes more sense, then, to invest in a good set of speakers that also have Bluetooth. Edifier’s Luna Eclipse speakers, new to Australia, […]

News Release Edifier is back in the Australian sound market featured in Channel News

Edifier has another crack at the Australian Sound Market Chinese sound brand Edifier International is back trying to grow marketshare in Australia. The Company who for years have delivered cutting edge designs for their sound gear has struggled to get traction inside Australian retailers primarily because of poor representation.   Now the Company has appointed Melbourne base distributor Audion Innovision to represent them in Australia while also having a crack at trying to sell direct from an International web site […]