Firmly grounded in our 90 year history in Bang & Olufsen, we interpret the same core values for a new type of contemporary products. B&O PLAY delivers stand-alone products with clear and simple operations – portable products that are intuitive to use, easy to integrate into your daily life, and deliver excellent high-quality experiences. We deliver best sound and acoustic performance in our class of products – natural and balanced to best reproduce the emotions that the artist wanted to convey.






ROCCAT is the leading German manufacturer of high-end gaming Peripherals, famed  for ground breaking innovation and cutting-edge design. Founded in 2007 by a renowned group of gamers dissatisfied with the mediocre and uninspiring gaming products on the market, ROCCAT’s aim has been to shake up the status quo and continuously drive standards higher.

From breakthrough conception to comprehensive software development to exhaustive testing, every step in the development of a ROCCAT product is done in-house by a talented team comprised of gamers and industry experts. The result is a portfolio of top-quality products that are bursting with pioneering features, which have been rated by gamers and reviewers alike as truly jaw-dropping






Allocacoc was founded by Yixia Jiang and Arthur Limpens, two graduates of industrial design engineering at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The company focuses on developing innovative consumer electronics.

PowerCube range is the world’s smallest 4-5 multi socket power solution. Mount multiple power sockets where it is most convenient, upside-down underneath your desk, or on a wall. The PowerCube is modular, which allows everyone to create their own individual power solution with additional PowerCubes.

All power cords can be combined into one compact solution.






Over the past two decades, Edifier has grown from a small team of audio enthusiasts to an internationally recognized leader in audio solutions. Edifier products are now enjoyed by customers from over 70 countries.

Edifier International specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-end consumer audio electronics for both the lifestyle and multimedia markets, providing a wide selection to suit each individuals taste. Edifier International is renowned for its development and use of acoustic technology, superior manufacturing standards and uncompromised quality in design and production of audio electronics. Edifier is committed to excellence in all audio markets in which it operates, which include PC audio, multimedia audio, docking audio, IT lifestyle audio and home lifestyle audio. Edifier is committed to excel and extend the audio experience into further evolving both the global brand and product recognition, with a passion for sound.






Italian design, quality, creativity, research, innovation, colour. For over the last twenty-five years this has been Tucano, the Italian brand of bags and accessories for digital devices appreciated worldwide.

Carrying cases for tablets, iPad, e-readers, iPhone covers, notebook and ultra book bags, skin sleeves, backpacks, trolleys, camera bags, mouse pads and a wide range of accessories for Mac and PC designed for the sole purpose of meeting all the demands of today’s digital life on the go. In the finest tradition of Italian design, Tucano products all aim at achieving a happy balance between practicality, ergonomics, maximum protection and a look that is
always cutting-edge.






AVLABS was established by a team of audiophiles and PC enthusiasts in the spring of 2003, who have drawn on more than 20 years industry experience to place AVLABS at the forefront of technological and consumer trends. Centered on a well-balanced product portfolio, AVLABS focuses on selecting products with high growth potential. Its vision is to be the market leader in the PC peripheral and consumer market segments, through the creation of innovative and ‘best of breed’ products. By providing a unique product range to the gaming and entertainment markets, AVLABS aims to achieve a suit of excellence in product value perception and brand recognition.